Have you ever heard of mailcow? I recently bought a new domain and wanted to set up a mail server. Having the choice between setting one up completely myself and using a third-party service, I ran over the docker-based mail server suite called “mailcow”.

Mailcow is a dockerized, seemingly easy to manage mail server suite. In this article, I want to write down my experiences from the first few months of using Mailcow, and finally come to a verdict as to what possible disadvantages of using it there are and whether they, in my opinion, are worth it.

The Installation

First things…

The other day, whilst preparing my submission for this year’s Swift Student Challenge, I (once again…) ran over one of the more widely known issues with Swift Playgrounds. I seemingly randomly got runtime errors such as “Abort() called”, especially when using SwiftUI for my live views. These errors, usually resulting from bugs in Swift Playgrounds itself, can often be resolved by disabling “Enable Results”. It would, however, be sort of awkward to ask those judging my playground to disable said mode themselves, I thought, and thus began searching for a way to disable this function entirely. In the end, I…

Julian B. Heuschen

Hi there, my name is Julian and I’m currently a student. I’ve been programming for about seven years and am mainly focussed on app development. WWDC20-Scholar.

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